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Hasil Carian: youse

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kalian, kamu, kau, tak,

Other Mathes:
the both of youse but
i need youse to stay, make sure you keep it, stewardess you must stay, we have to keep him, you gotta stay, you have gotta stay, you have to remain, you have to stay, you have to stick, you must lay, you must remain, you need to stick, you should stick, you to please remain
what are youse looking at
dad you gotta, daddy i need youse to
a lot of youse, many of you are, that many of you
a lot of youse
some cards with youse
are both fired, both fired, both have been fired, plural youse y all
damn youse, fuck you both, fuck you guys, laughlng fuck you, motherfuckers really, oh go bleep yourselves
in you go, on youse go
deeply have you, in you, inside you, n you, on youse, your on
of london youse dumb fucks
of london youse
youse fucking creeps
for youse guys

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