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you have

abang dah, ada kamu ada, ada padamu, adakah anda mendapatkan, akmu, anakanda, anda ada, anda anda memiliki, anda anda punya, anda baru, anda bawakan, anda belum, anda berhubungan, anda berjaya, anda bersikap, anda biasanya, anda cuma, anda dah, anda diberikan, anda diminta

Other Mathes:
English Malay
you a dia, abah, abang abang pun boleh, abang abang pun, ada apa denganmu kamu, ada apa kamu, ada awak, ada kamu telah, ada kamu yang, ada kamu, ada kau
have acuh, ada kan, ada makan, ada penstruktur, adakan, adala, adalah tuan dan, advil, apkah, apos telah, apos ve

Other Mathes:
English Malay
you have abang dah, ada kamu ada, ada padamu, adakah anda mendapatkan, akmu, anakanda, anda ada, anda anda memiliki, anda anda punya, anda baru, anda bawakan

Other Mathes:
did you get the money, do you have any cash, do you have any money
will have so much fun, will have some fun, would have a grateful party, would have fun in here, would have fun
boy you have got, do you have any children, do you have any kids, do you have children, fahey you have nine children, you get to the, you got a baby, you got a kid, you got any kids, you had a child, you had the, you have a child, you have a kid, you have a little, you have any children, you have any kids, you have children, you have got children, you have kids, you have nine children
have minutes, have only got minutes, have ten minutes, have three minutes, will have minutes
not got no money, not have enough money, not have money, not having any money, wo not have money
boy you have so much, you are a lot of, you get a lot of, you got a lot of, you got a lotta, you got plenty of, you got plenty, you got too many, you had so many, you have a lot of, you have a lot on, you have a lot, you have every, you have got much of, you have had plenty of, you have lots of, you have many, you have plenty of, you have so many, you have this whole, you will have plenty of
because you ai, because you are already, because you are, because you had already, because you have just, because you have, because you sent, cause you have already, cause you have been
do you have an, do you have something that, look you got something, now you got something, son you have got something, you do have something, you got anything i, you got something a, you got something here, you got something there you, you have anything that, you have got something that, you have got something, you have more in, you have something else on, you have something of great, you have something that, you have something
do you have a minute, do you have a moment, so you have one, you can have time, you ever get time, you found time, you get a minute, you got a second, you got time, you had time, you have a second, you have about, you have exactly, you have got about, you have got at, you have got time, you have the time the, you have time
do you have a beau, do you have a boyfriend, do you have a girlfriend, girlfriend you have got, have you got a boyfriend, you are in a relationship, you even have a girlfriend, you got a boyfriend, you got a girl, you got a girlfriend, you got girlfriend, you got like a boyfriend, you had a boyfriend, you had a girlfriend, you had this boyfriend, you have a boyfriend or, you have a boyfriend right, you have a boyfriend, you have a girlfriend a, you have a girlfriend
girls you gotta, me you have had, two of you have
i mean you have opportunity, you find the chance, you got a chance, you got a shot, you got the opportunity to, you got the opportunity, you had a chance, you had the chance for, you had the chance, you had your chance, you had your fucking chance, you had your shot, you had your window ted, you have a chance, you have an opportunity, you have any interest, you have opportunity, you have the chance, you have the means, you may have a chance, you still got the chance, you still have a chance, you take a chance, you will get a chance, you will get the chance
and you have got a, do you have a problem, she has any problems, to be the problem, you are having problems, you got a problem, you got hell to, you got issues, you got problems, you had a problem, you had trouble, you have a problem problem, you have a problem, you have any problem, you have got a problem, you have got issues, you have got problems, you have had problems, you have problems, you have trouble, you having a problem
you are ever gonna be, you are getting this, you are gonna get him, you are gonna get it, you going to eat that, you have logged, you il get it, you march towards certain victory, you shall have it then, you shall have it, you shall receive
have got your job, have my work, run errands, sworn to secrecy, with gail out

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