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berteriak lupakan, berteriak, hah haiyahaa, jerit, menjerit, meraung, pekau, saling berteriak, yang berteriak,

Other Mathes:
are you flipping out, are you hollering at, are you screaming screams, are you screaming, are you shouting, are you yelling again, are you yelling at, are you yelling, slnglng dramatlc pop song, were you yelling, yes you are yelling
cut the chatter oh, gonna have to stop shouting, have to stop shouting, hurry stop yelling, just stop freaking out, just stop screaming right now, just stop screaming
he hollers, he is crying out, he is hollering, he is screaming, he is yelling at, he just yell, he scream, he screamed for a, he screamed for
holler at, just yelling at, refrain from yelling at
start screaming, start shouting, start yelling, started freaking out, started screamin
shouting at her, yell at her, yell at them, yelled at her, yelled at him, yelling at braddock, yelling at her, yelling at him for, yelling at him
okay why are you yelling, what are you hollering at, what are you yelling at, why are u flipping out, why are you flipping out, why are you screaming screams, why are you screaming, why are you shouting, why are you yelling again, why did you scream, why yelling, why you shout so, why you shout, why you yell
i shout it, i shout, i shouted at, i shouted, i was iike, i was just yelling, i was screaming, i was shouting at, i was shouting, i was yelling, i will t scream
i am not screaming, i am not yelling at, i am not yelling
are you yelling for george, you yelling for george, you you yelling for george
are you yelling for, you cried out for, you shout for, you yelling for, you you yelling for
you a shout, you are screaming, you are yelling, you cried out, you hollering
hurry stop yelling at me, please stop yelling at me, stop yelling at me
was yelling at me, yelling at me for, yelling at me
yell at me good, yell at me it, yell at me, yell me, yelled at me, yelling at me for, yelling at me, yelling for me, yells at me, you fucking yell at me

English to English

noun (n)

uttering a loud inarticulate cry as of pain or excitement
uttering keras tidak jelas menangis seperti sakit atau kegembiraan
source: wordnet30

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