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Hasil Carian: wassup

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apa kabar, waz up apa kabar,

Other Mathes:
absolutely what up boy, how you doing howdy, howdy howdy, wassup wassup, yeah big bear
that is wassup cool, that is wassup
calmer now, easy now that is it, easy now where is he, easy now, hold it now, is wassup cool, is wassup, quiet now, quite get this, relax for now, relax now
wassup daddy cool
wassup daddy, what did we do dad, what is it dad, what is it daddy, what is up dad, what is wrong dad, what is wrong daddy
wassup doc, what is the matter doc, what is up doc
sup bro wassup
wassup what is up
blair said you needed, wassup blair says you needed
blair said you, wassup blair says you
blair said, wassup blair says
blair governnment, marcus blair, the blair governnment, wassup blair
there she is wassup brother
there she is wassup
oh there she is wassup

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