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hangat, nyaman, senang,

Other Mathes:
have just gotten warmed up, is just getting warmed up, just getting warmed up
he stiii has not warmed, he still has not warmed
warm we, warmed us up, warmed us
get you warmed up, see yourself warmed, shake off the chill, warm yourself
that warmed us up, that warmed us
stiii has not warmed, still has not warmed
are warmed up, getting warmed up, heating up quite, warms up, warms
got them warmed up for, them warmed up for
is just getting warmed up, it is getting hot, just getting warmed up, things are heating up huh
a warm up, foreplay, getting warmed up, heating, warm up
guess that warmed us up, guess that warmed us
waters warmed past
the warm water, thermal water, warm bath, warm water, warm waters, waters warmed
freshwater warmed
will get you warmed up

English to English

adjective satellite (s)

having been warmed up
telah sedia
A cup of warmed milk.
source: wordnet30

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