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adakah wanted, bar menginginkan, bercita, buron, buronan yang, dicari cari, dicari, diingini, diinginkan, dikehendaki, hanya ingin maafkan aku, hanya ingin maafkan, ignin, ingin dokumennya, ingin, inginkan, itu perasaan, juga menginginkan, kalau itu perasaan, mahukan

Other Mathes:
needed all right, want do not you, want is not it, want it did not it, want right, wanted did not we, wanted did not you, wanted instead of, wanted is it not, wanted is not it, wanted isn t it
because he is trying to, because he wanted to be, because he wanted to
said he is willing to, said he wanted to, said he wanted
but if they wanted, if they are gonna, if they are to, if they choose, if they really want, if they wanna, if they want to, if they want, if they wanted the, if they wanted to, if they wanted, if they would wanted, if you even want to, iftheywant, it if they are to, lf they want to, since they want to, think if they wanted to, when you wanted
a man who means to, anyone who wanted to, boy wants to
i knew you wanted, i know what you wanna, i know would like to, i know you got to, i know you wanna, i know you want it, i know you want the, i know you want to, i know you want, i know you wanted to, i know you wanted, i know you wish, i see you wanted to, l know you want to, l know you wanted to, now i know he wanted
a she wanted to be, ah he wanted to be, does he want to be, guy planning to be, he desire to be, he wanted to be a, he wanted to be, he wants to be, he was going to be, he was looking to get, he would like to be, her wanting to be, she is wanted to be, she wanted to be, she wants to be, she wants to become, she would want to be
going to bring it, just wanted to ask, like to give
wanna be a, wanna be an, want to be a, want to be an, want to become a, wanted to be a, wanted to be an, wanted to be one of, wanted to be one, wanted to become a, wanted to become an
said about going along with, wanna go with, want to go by, want to go out with, want to go with, wanted to come with, wanted to get away with, wanted to go for, wanted to go out with, wanted to go with, wants to go with
if he really wanted, if he so chose, if he wanted to be, if he wanted to, if he wants to, if he would do a, if he would do, if he would wanted, if she has to, if she wanted to, if she wants, if she was going to, more if he wanted to
anybody want to, anybody would want to, folks like to, folks want to, folks want, guy just wanted to, guys want to, man anxious to, men want to, men want, men who wanna
anyone wanted to, one were to, somebody about to, somebody somewhere wanted, somebody wanna, somebody want, somebody wanted to, somebody wanted, somebody wanting to, somebody wants to, somebody wants, somebody would want, someone got something to, someone here to, someone is going to, someone needed, someone wanna, someone wanted to, someone wanted, someone wants to, someone wants, someone who wants, someone would like
id have, yeah i just wanted, yeah i need to
all i ever wanted, all i want now, all i wanted, do i want, i desired, i have ever wanted, i wanted to be with, that i ever wanted, that i wanted okay, what i do want, what i really want, what i want, what i was turning, who i want

English to English

adjective (a)

desired or wished for or sought
disukai atau bertanya atau mencari
Couldn't keep her eyes off the wanted toy.
A wanted criminal.
A wanted poster.
source: wordnet30

adjective satellite (s)

characterized by feeling or showing fond affection for
ditandai oleh menyukai untuk menunjukkan perasaan atau kasih sayang
So good to feel wanted.
source: wordnet30

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