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Hasil Carian: wandered

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berjalan, mengembara di, mengembara, telah berkelana,

Other Mathes:
he just walked over, he walked into, he walks into, he walks over to, he walks up to, he wandered in, her ealk to, she walks into, she wandered into
every day we try, us around, us up round, we are going around, we wandered around, we wandered, we were driving about, yes we have traveled
a great error, error far off, far error, far into error, gone far, have wandered far into error, wandered far into error
travel through, traveled through, travelled on, travelling through, wander the, wandered across, wandered the, wanter
travel into, traveled to, traveling to, wander the, wander to, wandered in to, wandered into, would wander to
are crawling, wander around, wandered about in, wandered around, wandering
they wandered blindly, they wandered, they were bewildered, they were blindly wandering, they were blundering, they were utterly confused
ox wandered in to, ox wandered in
i wandered about in, i wandered around, l wander around
wandered in to, wandered in
had to wander, has wandered, have been traveling
is wandered into
eventually i found my way, finally i just wandered
i wandered along the crooked

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