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berkelubung, berkerudung bagus, terselubung,

Other Mathes:
a guilty, cloaked, cloaking, covert, covertly, is veiled, mysterious scroll, shrouded, veiled matter, veiled, were shrouded
guise, identity, my guise as, my guise, the guise, veiled schemes of, veiled schemes
blow up a, the veiled schemes of, the veiled schemes
is a covering, is a veil, is dimmed, is veiled, there is a blindfold, there is a covering
a veiled threat
what is veiled matter
our differences however veiled
have uncovered the veiled schemes
the stars are veiled
the stars are veiled
not veiled threats
then threatened, threatened, to death threats sir, to death threats, to ride the lightning, veiled threats, was being threatened, was threatened, were threatened with, were threatened, would been threatened
protection not veiled threats

English to English

(v/eI/ld )
adjective (a)

having or as if having a veil or concealing cover
memiliki atau seolah memiliki cadar atau menyembunyikan penyamaran
A veiled dancer.
A veiled hat.
Veiled threats.
Veiled insults.
source: wordnet30
Covered by, or as by, a veil; hidden.
ditutupi oleh, atau sebagai oleh, cadar; tersembunyi.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

muted or unclear
jelas atau dimatikan
Veiled sounds.
The image is veiled or foggy.
source: wordnet30

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