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banyak ragamnya, berbagai bagai, berjenis jenis, bervariasi, panca, rampai,

Other Mathes:
have been varied, varied the, varied, varies, vary it, vary
that the more varied the, that the more varied
more varied the, more varied
the more varied the, the more varied
is a very varied flower
lye varied corpse parts or
lye varied corpse parts
lye varied corpse
what they differed about, wherein they differ, wherein they have differed, whereon they were at variance, which they differ, which they varied
stone wood lye varied corpse
stone wood lye varied

English to English

('v/(@)/r/i/d )
adjective (a)

characterized by variety
ditandai oleh keragaman
Immigrants' varied ethnic and religious traditions.
His work is interesting and varied.
source: wordnet30
Changed; altered; various; diversified; as, a varied experience; varied interests; varied scenery.
berubah; diubah; pelbagai; diversified; sebagai, aku bervariasi/ pengalaman saya; aku bervariasi/ saya minat; aku bervariasi/ aku pemandangan.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

widely different
luas berbeza
Varied motives prompt people to join a political party.
Varied ethnic traditions of the immigrants.
source: wordnet30
broken away from sameness or identity or duplication
patah jauh dari persamaan atau identiti atau bertindih
Her quickly varied answers indicated uncertainty.
source: wordnet30

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