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mengalahkan, taklukkan,

Other Mathes:
prayer to defeat two hundred, shall overcome two hundred, shall vanquish two hundred, will defeat two hundred, will overcome two hundred
prayer to defeat two, shall overcome two, shall vanquish two, will defeat two, will overcome two
prayer to defeat, shall overcome, shall vanquish, the victory over, victorious against
to vanquish evil, vanquish evil
to vanquish, vanquish
defeat evil, had vanquished the evil, triumphs over evil, vanquish evil, vanquish the evil, vanquished the evil
they shall overcome two hundred, they shall vanquish two hundred, they will defeat two hundred
men they will overcome two, they shall overcome two, they shall vanquish two, they will defeat two, they will overcome two
men they will overcome, they shall overcome, they shall vanquish, they will defeat, they will overcome
shall vanquish all evil with
shall vanquish all evil
shall vanquish all
shall vanquish
you vanquish all
you beat her, you beat off, you beat, you defeat, you defeated, you vanquish

English to English

('v/&//N/kw/I//S/ )
noun (n)

A disease in sheep, in which they pine away.
penyakit domba, di mana mereka pergi pinus.
source: webster1913

verb (v)

come out better in a competition, race, or conflict
keluar lebih baik dalam kompetisi, ras, atau konflik
source: wordnet30
To conquer, overcome, or subdue in battle, as an enemy.
untuk menaklukkan, mengatasi, atau menundukkan dalam pertempuran, menjadi musuh.
source: webster1913

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