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lajur nilai, nilai dalaman, nilai nilai, nilai,

Other Mathes:
ensure that the values, make sure our values, to ensure that the values, to make sure our values
the values that, the values with which, those values that, values
creatures values, the values, those values, value value, values
quantity, sane value to, sane value, the value of earning a, the value, the values, value which, values that, values with which, values
all the values, all values, everything of value, everything worth, of all the values, of all values, value it all the
number of values in the, number of values in, the number of values in
a value in, the values in, value in
other offset, other value, other values, search other values, search replace changes other values
possible values are, possible values, values can be
data array, known x array, known y array, value array, values array, x array, x values array, y array, y values array
filters to default values, preferences to default values, tool options to default values
all the values given, of all the values given, of all values given
all the values, of all the values, of all values
there are values real values
adhere to the values of, adhere to the values

English to English

noun (n)

beliefs of a person or social group in which they have an emotional investment (either for or against something)
kepercayaan dari orang atau kumpulan sosial di mana mereka telah emosional investasi (juga untuk atau terhadap sesuatu)
He has very conservatives values.
source: wordnet30

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