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gagah, kenal takut benar, pemberani, pengumpul,

Other Mathes:
iil advised but valiant, ill advised but valiant
brave, bravely will be, gallant, gallantly, heroic, valiant and brave, valiant, were brave
on to your valiant steed, onto your valiant steed
advised but valiant, but guts come on, but valiant
a valiant, brave and noble, brave and, that gallant, the most valiant and brave, very brave, were brave
valiant of you ill advised
valiant of you ill
valiant of you
bold and brave, brave and valiant, courageous and brave
valiant catches in the slips
valiant catches in
valiant catches
could do something valiant
and courageous, and dare, and daring, and din, and outspoken, and valiant, are so brave, because he is brave, or brave, or dare to, you are so brave
here come the valiant knights

English to English

('v/&/l/j//@/nt )
adjective (a)

Vigorous in body; strong; powerful; as, a valiant fencer.
bertenaga dalam tubuh; kuat; kuat; sebagai, aku seorang pengumpul/ aku fencer.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

having or showing valor
memiliki atau menunjukkan keberanian
A valiant attempt to prevent the hijack.
A valiant soldier.
source: wordnet30

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