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berhubungan dengan balas, samar samar, samar, tidak,

Other Mathes:
it sounded vaguely familiar, sounds familiar, that sounds vaguely familiar
does not sound anything, does not sound like it, doesn t sound anything, it does not sound, it doesn t sound, it sounded vaguely, it sounds so, not sound like, sound like a no way, that does not sound, that sounds vaguely
faces that look vaguely, the faces that look vaguely
i feel responsible, i feel somewhat responsible, i feel vaguely responsible for, i felt responsible, well i feel obligated
your son vaguely which is
your son a little, your son vaguely
you must have been vaguely
is my voice even vaguely
even vaguely interested
even vaguely
even vaguely familiar to you
even vaguely familiar to
even vaguely familiar
that trunk shaped vaguely
responsible for you, vaguely responsible for you

English to English

adverb (r)

in a vague way
dalam cara yang tak jelas
He looked vaguely familiar.
source: wordnet30
In a vague manner.
dalam cara yang tak jelas.
source: webster1913

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