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dikemaskini, mengekstrak, mengemas kini, mengemaskini,

Other Mathes:
error creating folder, error deleting folder, retrieving list of folders, store folder, storing folder, updating folder, updating s folder
occurred while extracting files, occurred while renaming the files, occurred while updating the files
occurred while extracting, occurred while renaming, occurred while updating
new automatically updating, new smart
automatically updating, s mart
spinbutton for updating
seconds updating global warming
seconds updating
be updated, update, updated, updating, your updated
config file itself requires updating
ca not start new thread, cannot start transaction, commit current transaction, delaying transaction for u ms, error starting transaction s, error updating bound connection s
stop updating of the display
stop updating of the
successfully moved, successfully renamed, svn, the debugger has quit unexpectedly, update of svn repository failed, updating svn repository, user group others, wikipedia page
we are updating

English to English

noun (n)

the act of changing something to bring it up to date (usually by adding something)
tindakan mengubah sesuatu untuk membawanya ke tarikh (biasanya dengan menambah sesuatu)
Criminal records need regular updating.
source: wordnet30

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