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bisa dihentikan, tak bisa dihentikan, tak terbendung, tak terhentikan, tidak dapat dihentikan, yang tidak bisa dihentikan,

Other Mathes:
are unstoppable, be unstoppable, is unstoppable, unstoppable, was unstoppable
be unstoppable, become unstoppable, becomes unstoppable, unstoppable
ca not be stopped, is unstoppable, to be unstoppable
unstoppable, will be unstoppable, would become unstoppable
an unstoppable, is unstoppable, thing is unstoppable
become unstoppable, have become unstoppable
us unstoppable, we are unstoppable
be no evil to stop, evil unstoppable, villainy will be unstoppable
make us unstoppable, to make us unstoppable
cannot be stopped, could not be stopped, is not gonna stop, it did not stop, there is no stopping it, virtually unstoppable, will be unstoppable
is unstoppable except for me, unstoppable except for me
is unstoppable except for, unstoppable except for
ma be unstoppable, would be unstoppable
be unstoppable, dammed up, held back, unstoppable
is an unstoppable river

English to English

(/@/n'st/A/p/@/b/@/l )
adjective (a)

not capable of being stopped
tidak mampu menjadi berhenti
As unstoppable as the wind.
source: wordnet30

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