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belum dilihat, gaib, tak dilihat, tak terlihat, tanpa terlihat, tidak akan nampak, tidak kulihat, tidak terlihat, yang belum dilihat, yang tak dilihat,

Other Mathes:
allknower of the unseen, full knowledge of the truths, hidden things of, know all the secrets of, know the ghaib unseen in, know the hidden in, know the hidden, know the secret of, know the secrets of, know the unseen aspects of, know the unseen of, know those truths about, knower of the future, knower of the unseen, knower of what is unseen, knoweth the secret, knoweth the unseen of, knoweth what is secret, knowledge of whatever is unseen, knows all the hidden of, knows all the hidden things, knows all the secrets, knows every hidden thing of, knows every secret that is, knows every secret that, knows every secret, knows the hidden reality, knows the hidden, knows the mystery that is, knows the mystery that, knows the secret, knows the secrets of, knows the secrets, knows the unknown of, knows the unseen aspects of, knows the unseen of, knows the unseen things of, knows the unseen, knows whatever is unseen in, the allknower of the unseen, the knower of the unseen, unseen aspects of, unseen of
against the unseen, all the hidden, all things both secret, of all the hidden, of the unseen, that is hidden and unseen, that is unseen, that what is altogether hidden, the ghaib unseen, the hidden by themselves, the things hidden, the unseen, thing hidden, things hidden, things unknown, things unseen, unknown things are, unknown things, unseen
and the unseen, both secret and open, hidden and open, hidden and the evident, hidden and the manifest, hidden and the open, hidden and the visible, hidden and visible, hidden and what is open, invisible and the visible, secret and open, secrets and declarations, unknown and the known, unseen and seen, unseen and the manifest, unseen and the seen open, unseen and the seen, unseen and the visible, unseen and the witnessed
ghaib unseen of, know the secret to, know the secrets of, knowledge of the secret of, knowledge of the unseen in, to know the secrets of, unseen aspects of, unseen in, unseen of, unseen secrets of, unseen
of the unseen except god, of the unseen save allah, the future except god, the ghaib unseen except allah, the unseen but allah, the unseen except allah, the unseen except god, the unseen save allah
every secret that is, every secret that, every secret, of all the hidden things, of the truths, of the unseen in, of whatever is unseen, the ghaib unseen in, the hidden in, the hidden reality, the secrets of
knoweth the unseen save, knowledge of the unknown except, knowledge of the unseen except, knowledge of the unseen save, knows the future except, knows the ghaib unseen except, knows the unseen but, knows the unseen except
everything the hidden, of all that is unseen, of all the hidden
of the unseen except, of the unseen save, the future except, the ghaib unseen except, the hidden by themselves except, the unseen but, the unseen except, the unseen save
that is hidden and open, the hidden and the visible, the invisible and the visible, the sensible and the unseen, the unknown and the known, the unseen and seen, the unseen and the seen
that is hidden, the ghaib unseen of, the secrets of
invisible and the visible the, secrets and declarations, unseen and the seen and, unseen and the seen, unseen and the visible and
belong the secrets of, belong the unseen aspects of, belongs the ghaib unseen of
know the hidden by themselves, knower of secrets, knower of the invisible, knower of the unknown, knower of the unseen, knoweth the unseen, knowing of all the hidden, knowledge of the unknown, knowledge of the unseen
ghaib unseen of the heavens, secrets of the heavens, unseen aspects of the heavens, unseen in the heavens, unseen of the heavens, unseen secrets of the heavens

English to English

(/@/n's/i/n )
adjective (a)

Not seen or discovered.
tak melihat dan mengetahui.
source: webster1913

noun (n)

a belief that there is a realm controlled by a divine spirit
sebuah keyakinan bahwa ada sebuah kerajaan dikendalikan oleh ilahi roh
source: wordnet30

adjective satellite (s)

not observed
tidak diawasi
source: wordnet30

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