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bandingannya, tak padan, tak tertandingi, tiada tandingannya, tidak ada bandingannya, tidak padan, yang tak tertandingi,

Other Mathes:
an unparalleled, goes unchallenged, invincible one, is unequaled, is unequalled, is unmatched, is unparalleled, never too high, no one can match, not outmatched, of unparalleled
is unmatched in, unmatched in, unparalleled in
an invincible, an unparalleled, is never too high, no one can match, one that is unmatched, peerless, that was unsurpassed, unchallenged, unmatched in
is unmatched in the conference
for you unmatched by
for you unmatched
can someone darepick, your skills are unmatched
create a new notebook, create a new virtual folder, create new folder, create new note, create search folder, enable unmatched search folder, unread search folder
and lieutenant uhura is unmatched
and unmatched

English to English

(/@/n'm/&/t/S/t )
adjective satellite (s)

of the remaining member of a pair, of socks e.g.
dari saki baki anggota sepasang, kaus kaki dari e. g.
odd, unmated, unpaired
source: wordnet30
eminent beyond or above comparison
fadil melebihi atau atas perbandingan
Infamy unmatched in the Western world.
source: wordnet30

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