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belum diketahui, currentcurrent, diketahui, hah private, kursor tidak diketahui, menghurai, nama item tidak boleh, nama item tidak, papar hanya, ralat tidak diketahui, tak dikenal yang, tak dikenal, tak dikenali, tak diketahui, tak diketahuiitem set, tak dipahami, takdiketahui, tdk dikenal, tidak dikenal, tidak dikenali

Other Mathes:
as unknown, as yet unknown to, as yet unknown, capability not yet known, currently unknown, has not known, is not yet known, is still unknown, might be currently unknown, not known yet, not yet known, origin unknown, remains unknown, still unknown, they do not know yet, undetermined, were still to be discovered, yet to be known, yet unidentified, yet unknown
has not been recovered yet, is still undetermined, is still unknown, lapd on, optlmus origin unknown
an unknown error, unknown command, unknown error, unknown reason, unknown status, unknown
an undisclosed, an unknown, of unknown
unhandled error, unknown book property, unknown calendar property
an unknown error, decoder error, drm error, to an unknown error, unknown error, unknown location, unknown volume
could not start httpd server, could not write file, data set import from file, ldap entry attributes, list all query favorites, unknown criteria s, unknown import format s, unknown mysql protocol s, unknown provider s, unknown search scope s
face down card, remove the unknown card, the unknown card
parts unknown, the unknown region, the unknown regions, the unknown
been in the unknown region, from parts unknown, from the unknown regions, in the unknown region
unknown action s, unknown color s, unknown function, unknown theme color d
unknown file name, unknown file type, unknown property s, unknown title
an unidentified enemy, an unknown enemy, unknown adversary
his name unknown, name unknown, quote unknown names, unknown name
unknown book property s, unknown calendar property s, unknown error from socks server, unknown error s

English to English

(/@/n'n/oU/n )
adjective (a)

not known
tidak diketahui
An unknown amount.
An unknown island.
An unknown writer.
An unknown source.
source: wordnet30
Not known; not apprehended.
tidak diketahui; tidak menangkap.
source: webster1913

noun (n)

an unknown and unexplored region
dikenali dan kawasan yang belum tereksplorasi
They came like angels out the unknown.
source: wordnet30
anyone who does not belong in the environment in which they are found
siapapun yang tidak termasuk dalam lingkungan di mana mereka menemukan
alien, stranger
acquaintance, friend
source: wordnet30
a variable whose values are solutions of an equation
variabel yang nilai solusi dari persamaan
source: wordnet30

adjective satellite (s)

being or having an unknown or unnamed source
menjadi atau mempunyai dikenali atau sumber tidak bernama
A poem by an unknown author.
source: wordnet30
not known to exist
tidak diketahui wujud
Things obscurely felt surged up from unknown depths.
source: wordnet30
not famous or acclaimed
tidak terkenal atau acclaimed
obscure, unsung
source: wordnet30
not known before
tidak diketahui sebelum
Don't let anyone unknown into the house.
source: wordnet30

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