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Hasil Carian: undergo

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mengalami, mengenyam, menjalani,

Other Mathes:
to undergo hours of, to undergo hours, you to undergo hours of
are gonna go on, will be serving, will be undergoing, will live out the, will live out, will now undergo, will serve, will undergo, would live her, would walk into
had to remain, had to undergo, have to live
are living and they undergo, living and they undergo
undergo hours of, undergo hours
to live a, to live out, to live your, to live, to pass on, to undergo, you to undergo
for you to undergo
will undergo military training
will now undergo a complete, will take a
will undergo or die
will undergo or
will undergo
i will undergo military training
i am about to live, i will undergo
you to live, you to undergo

English to English

(,/@/nd/@/r'g/oU/ )
verb (v)

pass through
The chemical undergoes a sudden change.
The fluid undergoes shear.
Undergo a strange sensation.
source: wordnet30
To go or move below or under.
untuk pergi atau bergerak di bawah atau di bawah.
source: webster1913

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