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bersinar, orang sial, pecundang, tertindas,

Other Mathes:
an underdog, me underdog, to underdog, underdog is, underdog on, underdog whoa, underdogs
just like underdog huh underdog
just like underdog, looks like underdog
the underdog brendan conlon, underdog brendan conlon
the underdog brendan, underdog brendan
underdog got, underdog have
to underdog and now here, underdog and now here
to underdog and now, underdog and now
to underdog and, underdog and
underdog huh underdog
was underdog
a really compelling underdog, am somewhat attractive, are somewhat interesting, been pretty crazy, been quite interesting, is actually been pretty interesting, is kind of crazy, it is pretty exciting, kind of exciting, kind of pulled, mildly attractive, quite fascinating, quite interesting, quite that interesting, rather amusing, rather curious, rather interesting
will see you around underdog
i went out with underdog
my dog is not underdog

English to English

('/@/nd/@/r,d/O/g )
noun (n)

one at a disadvantage and expected to lose
satu diuntungkan dan dijangka akan kalah
source: wordnet30

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