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kanan, tangan kanan bos,

Other Mathes:
be the underboss, being her deputy, would be the underboss
as liaison, as proxy, as representative, as representatives, as the deputy, as the underboss for, as the underboss, as vice, my deputy, play representative, to be a deputy
i am the family underboss
been working as the underboss
you would be the underboss
family underboss
then their underboss
as the underboss for ikemoto
their underboss came in
boss right hand man, underboss
the family underboss
the underboss for ikemoto
his deputy, his emissary, his representative, his second, is your connection with him, the underboss, the vice leader, the vise, were his deputy, xo are

English to English

noun (n)

an assistant or second-in-command to a chief (especially in a crime syndicate)
asisten atau second in command ke kepala (terutama di dalam sindikat kejahatan)
source: wordnet30

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