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dedah, menemukan, menyingkap, telah membantu membongkar, terluang,

Other Mathes:
uncovered a conspiracy so that, uncovered a conspiracy so, uncovered a conspiracy, uncovered conspiracy
have uncovered a conspiracy so, have uncovered a conspiracy
you have uncovered a conspiracy, you have uncovered conspiracy
other day they uncovered, the other day they uncovered
expose, left uncovered, uncovered
science has ever uncovered, that science has ever uncovered
had uncovered important information about, uncovered important information about
had uncovered important information, uncovered important information
uncovered a conspiracy, uncovered conspiracy
uncovered a plot to, uncovered a plot
on september i uncovered, on september th i uncovered
september i uncovered, september th i uncovered
have uncovered a conspiracy, have uncovered conspiracy
had discovered, had found, has discovered, has found, has uncovered, have already found, have discovered, have found out, have found
you have uncovered a conspiracy

English to English

adjective satellite (s)

not covered with clothing
tidak ditutupi dengan pakaian
source: wordnet30

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