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tak terbatas, tidak terbatas, tidak terhad,

Other Mathes:
infinite possibilities, narrator the possibilities are infinite, of infinite possibilities, unbounded possibilities, unbounded possibility
of bounty abounding, of infinite bounty, owner of great bounty, possessor of great grace, the extremely munificent, the lord of bounties unbounded, the lord of exceeding bounty, the lord of grace unbounded, the lord of mighty grace, the owner of great bounty, the owner of great munificence
thanks to the unbounded capacity
of unbounded possibility
unbounded void
unbounded admiration
the unbounded capacity of
the unbounded capacity
a future of unbounded
ever one piece, fused, merges, to be joined, tracks all working together, unbounded, united
the celebration of unbounded possibility
a future of unbounded potential
my unbounded admiration
all sides unbounded void of
sides unbounded void of

English to English

(/@/n'b/AU/nd/I/d )
adjective (a)

Having no bound or limit; as, unbounded space; an, unbounded ambition.
tanpa batas atau batas; sebagai, aku tak terbatas/ aku ruang; sebuah, aku tak terbatas/ aku ambisi.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

seemingly boundless in amount, number, degree, or especially extent
tampaknya tak terbatas dalam jumlah, nomor, gelar, atau terutama apabila
Unbounded enthusiasm.
source: wordnet30

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