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aku tidak jelek, berwajah buruk, buruk rupa, buruk, butut, candal, dan jelek, hodoh, jelak, jelek yang, jelek yg, jelek, paling jelek, si buruk rupa, si hodoh, sikap buruk, tidak cantik dipandang, ugiy, yang hodoh, yang jelak

Other Mathes:
are so darn ugly, are so ugly tried, are so ugly, is booty, is coyote ugly, is one fucking ugly, is really ugly, is ugly, it is so ugly, really ugly, so darn ugly, so distracted, so shabby, so ugly in your, so ugly in, so ugly, such an ugly duckling, totally hideous broad, unbelievably ugly, very ugly, was as ugly, was pretty ugly, were so ugly
a burlesque dancer, a fucking imbecile, are ugly, burlesque dancer, creepy sidekick
a mock up, are like really bad, are so ugly, damn suck, does not look so good
an ugly truth, an ugly, are ugly, terrible piece of, terrible piece, that was ugly, the ugly ones are, ugly
are really ugly, gone to shit man, is really ugly, it is really bad, really ugly, that is roach killing ugly, totally suck, was really ugly
an ugly guy, bad looking man, bugger, lousy people, the ugly people, the ugly, ugly guys, ugly people
are too ugly, far too ugly, is too ugly, too ugly, way too ugly
a woman ugly, an ugly woman, bad lady, badly brought up female, ugly lady, ugly woman, ugly women
am as bad, are ugly, couple of times
i am a nerd, i am bad at it, i am bad, i am ugly, i get uglier, i ugly, i was ugly
an ugly bastard, ugly arsehole accept it, ugly arsehole, ugly bastard
and being lousy, and bleeps, and out, and ugly the, and ugly, or ugly, ugly women
he is ugly, he was lousy, he was ugly, him bad, she is butt ugly, she was ugly
are ugly and, so ugly that, ugly and, ugly miserable
hell is that beast still, hell is that beast, that bad looking, that fucked, that monstrosity that, that ugly, to that ugly, ugly it is, ugly one

English to English

('/@/gl/i/ )
adjective (a)

displeasing to the senses
displeasing ke indra
An ugly face.
Ugly furniture.
source: wordnet30
Offensive to the sight; contrary to beauty; being of disagreeable or loathsome aspect; unsightly; repulsive; deformed.
serangan ke hadapan; berlawanan dengan kecantikan; sedang tak enak atau cengis aspek; tidak elok; menjijikkan; cacat.
source: webster1913

noun (n)

A shade for the face, projecting from the bonnet.
a shade wajahnya, memproyeksikan dari topi.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

inclined to anger or bad feelings with overtones of menace
cenderung marah atau perasaan buruk dengan overtones dari ancaman
An ugly frame of mind.
source: wordnet30
morally reprehensible
tercela moral
Ugly crimes.
source: wordnet30
provoking horror
memprovokasi horor
An ugly wound.
source: wordnet30

verb (v)

To make ugly.
untuk membuat jelek.
source: webster1913

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