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bengkak, ketumbuhan, lagi tumornya,

Other Mathes:
a bunch of tumours, a growth oh my gosh, a growth, a tumor, a tumour, frontal lobe tumor, kind of tumor
a brain tumor, a terminal brain tumor, brain tumor, of a brain tumor, was the brain tumor
cancer tumor the, excrescence, grow the stuff, growth, the tumor had, tumor
have got a tumor, there a tumor, tumours
with a brain tumor, with a terminal brain tumor
had a brain tumor, have a brain tumor
had a brain tumor, suffered from a brain tumor
an inoperable frontal lobe tumor, disease tumor
has a brain tumor, have a brain tumor
a tumor in, tumor in
a tumor iike this he, a tumor like this he
a tumor iike this, a tumor like this
a tumor iike, a tumor like
and the tumour, his tumor, the tumor
for a tumor iike this, for a tumor like this

English to English

('t/u/m/@/r )
noun (n)

an abnormal new mass of tissue that serves no purpose
sebuah abnormal baru massa tisu yang menyajikan tanpa tujuan
neoplasm, tumour
source: wordnet30
A morbid swelling, prominence, or growth, on any part of the body; especially, a growth produced by deposition of new tissue; a neoplasm.
yang penyakitan bengkak, kemasyhuran, atau pertumbuhan, pada setiap bagian tubuh; khususnya, tumor yang dihasilkan oleh deposisi baru tisu; sebuah neoplasm.
source: webster1913

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