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ada memberitahu, ada menceritakan kepada, aku mengatakan kepada, bagi tahu, bagitahu, baru beritahu, baru menyuruh, bercerita kepada, beritahu pernah, beritahu sama, beritahukan pada, beriyahu, berkata pada, berpesan pada, bertahu, bialng, bicarakan pada, bilang agar, bilang ke, bilang kepada

Other Mathes:
are told that, be told that, been informed that, been told that, being told that the, being told that, have been informed that, have been led to believe, told that, told this, was told that, was told, were told that
tell me everything, tell you all about it, tell you everything that, tell you everything, tell you the whole truth, told all, told everything to, told everything, told her all about it, told him everything, told me everything
already said i am, already said i, already said that i, already told you i am, already told you i, always say call me, had already said that i
already told you this, have told you this, know i told you this, told him this was, told you it was, told you it, told you this is, told you this was, told you this
saying i really do not, says i am not, says i do not, tell i did, tellin me it is not, told him i did not, told him i was, told me i was not, told me not, told you i am not, told you i did not
have told me he, just told me she is, tell me he is, tell me she she, telling me she, telling me that he, tells me he is, told me he is, told me he was, told me he, told me she she, told me she, told me that he was
and he wanted me, but eun hee told me, he gets me
alerted him, been told he, being told he
be briefed on, be declared that, be informed about, be informed of, be told about, be told of, be told the, been briefed on, been notified of
have asked them not to, have told you do not, told her not to
already informed, are been told, been notified they
are commanded, are ordered, as i was told, as they were told, hath commanded
bryce i told, but i am just tellin, crash i told, i do say so, i said to, i told my, i told the, i told, i was telling that, know i told, l m telling, you know i told
i already told you this, i told him this was, i told you it was, i told you it, i told you this is, i told you this was, see i told you i
else told you i got, just say i had, said i could have, said i had a, said i had, said i have a, said i have got, said i have, said that i have, said that we had, say i did, say i got, say i have had, says i have, tell me i got, tell me i had, tell you what i have, tellin ya i have got, telling ya i have got, told him i had, told me i was having, told me that i had, told me that i have, told you i had, told you i have got, was the meeting with

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