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ada apos, ada bar, ada bersamamu, ada bos, ada dan saya ingat, ada dan saya, ada di dalam sana, ada di sana, ada di situ, ada di talian, ada di tempat, ada disana, ada disini bangun, ada disitu, ada kat sana, ada kat situ, ada lima di, ada saja, ada sampai, ada sekali

Other Mathes:
get something down there, oh there something down there, rspray on there, something up there, something was in there, something was there, there anything in there, there anything there, there is something down there, there is something out there, there is something over there, there s something there, there shit there, there something down there, there something in that, there something in there, there something over there, there something there, want to play me man, we got something in that, why is not there anything
anybody there, anyone there, anyone up there, is anybody there, is anyone out there, is anyone there, is somebody there, is someone down there, is there anybody out there, ls anybody there, ls anyone there, seeking a friend, should not we just call, there a guy there, there a person in there, there anybody there, there anyone there, there is a man there, there men down there, there nobody there, there was somebody there, was there someone there
boy there so much, gots plenty more, have many things, have much more, i got lots of things, i had so many things, just many things, so long that he, there a lot of miner, there a lot of stuff, there a lot of things, there a lot that, there a lot, there a lotta different stuff, there a shitload of things, there are many matters that, there are many things that, there are many things you, there are many things, there are so many things, there is a lot i, there is much for which, there is much of which, there is much that, there is so much more, there just so much, there lots of things, there s lots of things, there so many things that, there still a lot i, there tons of things, there too much i, up a lot of, we have a million things
addons there are some people, all these folks are, are some people, be a few people, but few truly, got a couple of people, got some people, have got some guys, have got some people, i know some people, man there are, that there are some people, there a bunch of people, there a few guys, there are a couple people, there are few people who, there are several people, there are some gentlemen, there are some guys, there are some men, there are some people, there are tribes there, there few, there some folks, there some guys, there some men, there some other guy, there some people, there they got these guys, there was some character, there were some people, there were those, these folks were, well there some people, you see these are people
am goin down there, am goin in, am going down there, am going with her, are goanna go down there, are going there, are going to go there, are gonna get down there, are gonna go down there, are gonna go out there, are gonna go there, are gonna go up there, be going up there, going back in there, going to get out there, going to go over there, going to go there, gonna get down there, gonna go out there, gonna go over there, gonna go overthere, gonna go there, gonna go up there, went back there, will go over there, will go straight there, will go there, would go there, would go to it
a guy there, a man there, a person in there, anybody there, anyone there, guy in there, guy right there, guys over there, guys up there, men down there, people are there, people down there, people in there, people on the trail, people there, person is there, somebody over there, somebody there, someone down there, that man over there, the guy over there, the guy there, the people in there are, the people in there, the people there, those people over there
assuredly there came unto, assuredly there hath come unto, came indeed to, certainly there has come to, has indeed come to, indeed there came to, indeed there has come to, now has come unto, now hath come unto, now there has come to, now there has reached, surely there has come to, surely there hath come unto, surety there came unto, there came indeed to, there has already come to, there has certainly come to, there has come to, there has now come to, there has to come to, there hath come to, there hath come unto, there have already come to, there indeed has come to, there surely hath come unto, truly there has come to, verily came unto, verily there came to, verily there has come to, verily there hath come to
somebody was there, someone down there, there a crack out there, there anybody out there, there anyone there, there is someone there, there somebody in there, there someone in there, there someone out there, there someone there, there was this man there, there was this man, well there someone up there, woman is someone there
assuredly there came, assuredly there hath come, came indeed, certainly brought, certainly there has come, has certainly come, has indeed come, has surely come, has verily been issued, indeed there came, indeed there has come, lo there hath come, now has come, now hath come, now there has come, surely there has come, surely there hath come, surety there came, there came indeed, there has already come, there has certainly come, there has come, there has now come, there has to come, there hath come, there have already come, there indeed has come, there surely hath come, truly there has come, verily came, verily there came, verily there has come, verily there hath come
boy there so much, got enough shit, gots plenty more, have much more, so can you just give, that there some, there a bunch of stuff, there a iot of, there a lot of miner, there a lot of stuff, there a lot of that, there a lot of things, there a lot, there a whole lot, there are many matters, there are many other things, there are many things, there are myriad things, there are too many things, there is much for, there is much of, there just so much, there so many things that, there so many things, there still a lot, there tons of things, there were lots of things, up a lot of, you know two, you will find everything
are a few things, banks there are things, have got a few things
getta go out there, got to get out there, got to go in there, got to go out there, gotta get down there, gotta go down there, gotta go out there, gotta go there, gotta go up there, had to go out there, have to go down there, have to go out there, have to go over there, have to go there, have to go up there, must go over there, must go there, need to go there, ought to go there, should get down there, should go down there, should go over there, should go up there
going on in there, going on over there, going on there, going on up there, gonna happen in there, happen there, happen up there, happened over there, happened there, happening down there, happening out there, happening over there, happening there, happens out there, happens there, hell goes on down there, hell happened back there, hell happened in there, hell happened out there, place back there, thing there, went on down there
aaah there a dead, about those four bodies, another body under, anyone deposit a corpse, dumpsters, found a dead, four bodies, got two bodies, have been a terrorist bomb, have dead lover, have got a body, i got a body, is a corpse, is the body of, it is a body, like there a body, moving in moving, not no body, okay there a body, there a body, there a corpse, there a dead body, there a dead guy, there a dead, there are bodies, there are corpses, there are dead bodies, there are dead, there are geeks, there dead, there fucking dead bodies, there is a body, there was a body, there was a dead body, there was equal, there was the corpse, there were bunch of bodies, these are the bodies, up a body, we got a dead man, we have got a body, you got a corpse
is a change, one changes, slight change, some of the changes, something has changed, there a change of, there a change, there a turn, there a turnoff, there any changes, there are any changes

English to English

(/D//(@)/r )
noun (n)

a location other than here; that place
lokasi lain daripada di sini; tempat itu
You can take it from there.
source: wordnet30

adverb (r)

in or at that place
masuk atau di tempat itu
They have lived there for years.
It's not there.
That man there.
source: wordnet30
in that matter
dalam hal itu
I agree with you there.
source: wordnet30
to or toward that place; away from the speaker
atau menuju ke tempat itu; menjauh dari speaker
Go there around noon!.
here, hither
source: wordnet30
In or at that place.
masuk atau di tempat itu.
source: webster1913

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