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lambat, lengah, telat, terlambat,

Other Mathes:
a bit old, a bit too long, a little long, a while, be a while, been a little tardy, for long enough, have been a little tardy, iittle while, is gonna be a while, it takes some
i am late mr, i am late sir, i am tardy mr a, i am tardy mr, i was late sir
am late mr, am late sir, am tardy mr a, am tardy mr, be late sir
been a little tardy mister
you are iate, you are late huh, you are late, you are running late, you are running very late, you are tardy, you be late for, you come so late, you late, you running late, you were late
he is officially tardy
he was tardy this morning
he is late, he is otherwise detained, he is too late, he was late, he was running late, he was tardy, him be late, him he is late, is he iate for, she has been delayed, she is late
you are tardy
we going to be late, we gonna be late, we ii stay iate, we will be fashionably late, we will be late, we will be tardy, we will gonna be late, we would be late
be late again, late again, more being late, tardy again
sorry i am late mr, sorry i am late sir, sorry i am tardy mr, sorry i was late sir
him he is officially tardy
never tardy always works
never tardy always works

English to English

('t/A/rd/i/ )
adjective (a)

Moving with a slow pace or motion; slow; not swift.
bergerak dengan lambat kecepatan atau gerakan; lambat; swift tidak.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

after the expected or usual time; delayed
selepas dijangka atau biasa waktu; tertunda
Tardy children are sent to the principal.
Always tardy in making dental appointments.
belated, late
source: wordnet30

verb (v)

To make tardy.
untuk membuat lengah.
source: webster1913

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