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Hasil Carian: tapping

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menekan, mengetuk hati, mengetuk, mengodam, penyadapan,

Other Mathes:
active intercept taps on, are tapping, been tapped in to
are you tapping off, tap off, tapping it off, tick you off, you tapping off
are even more, even more, tapping you are the, tapping you are
that tapping that tapping
are tapping you are the, are tapping you are
tapping her tapping her
of tapping the sun energy, tapping the sun energy
are tapping our phones, tapping our phones
tap my phone, tap my phones, tapping my phone, were tapping my phone
your tapping for a moment, your tapping
tapping that tapping
bugging, s intel, tapping miss montague, tapping, the wiretaps
have been bugging, have tapped into, tapped into, was already tapping, were tapping
verone tapping her tapping her
are you tapping

English to English

('t/&/p/I//N/ )
noun (n)

the sound of light blow or knock
the sound of light meniup atau tok
He heard the tapping of the man's cane.
source: wordnet30

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