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disadap, ditoreh, mengetuk, tersadap,

Other Mathes:
are bugged, are intercepted, are tapped, been bugged, being tapped
active intercept taps on, are tapping, been tapped in to, bugged, have been tapped in to
brendan conlon has tapped, brendan conlon tapped
brendan conlon has tapped the, brendan conlon has tapped
conlon beats, conlon has tapped, conlon tapped
conlon has tapped the, conlon has tapped
he is taping, he tapped into, he tapped
been bugged and, is tapped and, tapped and
it is being tapped, that is bugged, was being tapped, was bugged
has tapped koba, tapped koba
are telling me they tapped, telling me they tapped
tapped into the prison cameras, tapped into the prison cams
may be tapped, might be tapped
are being tapped, is being tapped, we were gonna bug them
has tapped the, has tapped, have already knocked on, have been knocking, have knocked

English to English

adjective (a)

in a condition for letting out liquid drawn out as by piercing or drawing a plug
dalam kondisi untuk membiarkan keluar cair ditarik keluar sebagai dengan lantang atau lukisan penyumbat
Latex from tapped rubber trees.
source: wordnet30

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