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ditempel, ditempelkan, merakamkan,

Other Mathes:
taped under the seat of, taped under the seat, taped underthe seat of
it was taped to, sticked, taped
bind you, binds you up, have taped you to a, have taped you to, hook ya up
recorded it, recorded this, recording it, recording this, see it there live, somebody taped it, tape it, taped it, taping it, taping, to video it
radio taped to your arm, radio taped to your hand
i have taped to, i have taped, i put it in
chuck it in, have taped to, have taped
is taped to my ass, taped to my ass
all tied up in, are tied at, are tied to, bound on, is taped to, is tied up in, is tied up over, strapped in, strapped to a wheel
there are four photos taped
is taped underneath the tv
is taped underneath
any knife, any knives, got a knife, got the throat, he had a knife, is taped, no knives, there a knife, there the knife, there was a knife, we got some knives
being taped, going off the record, to be recorded, will be recorded
the end i taped this

English to English

adjective satellite (s)

secured or held in place by tape
dijamin atau diadakan di tempat dari pita
Carefully taped pieces of glass served as a windowpane.
source: wordnet30
recorded on tape
tercatat pada tape
source: wordnet30

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