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bicara, ngomong yang bukan bukan,

Other Mathes:
oh speaking, well you are talking, you are gonna talk to, you are talkin to, you are talkin, you jones talking, you talk
are out talkin to, out just talkin to, out talkin to
are out talkin, out just talkin, out talkin
began to talk, start spilling, start talkin, start talking, start to talk
of talkin, talkin about, talkin right
and i am talkin as, and i am talking as, i am speaking from, i am talkin as, i am talking as, i was speaking from
i am talkin to you, i speak to you, i speak with you, i talkin to you, me talk to you
you talkin about, you talkin
wait can we play that, what did he say, what does it really say, what is he been saying, what is he saying, what is he talkin about, what is she talkin about, what is she talking, what is the translation, what what is he saying
speak arabic, speaks arabic, talkin arabic, was talkin arabic
speaking of a, speaking of, speaks from, spoke from, talk from, talkin as, talkin out, talking as, talking out
speaks to him, spoke to her, talk to him the, talk to him, talkin to her, talkin to him, talking to him, talks to him
talkin about people a, talkin about people, talking about people
gonna talk about this, had this conversation, just talk about this, talk about this, talkin about this all right, talkin about this, to talk about this
talkin about open, was talkin about open

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