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talki, talkienya,

Other Mathes:
a complicated walkie talkie, a walkie talk, a walkie talkie it, a walkie talkie, the talkie talkie, the walkie talkie and, the walkie talkie tapes, the walkie talkie, the walkie talkies, walkie talkie in, walkie talkies, walkies yeah
talk come on, talkie and, talkie communications
on the walkie talkie and, on the walkie talkie, the walkie talkie with, with the walkie talkies, with walkie talkie
a walkie talkie so, a walkie talkie to, walkie talkie to
carry a walkie talkie it, carry a walkie talkie
try the talkie talkie again
try the talkie talkie
enough of that talk, enough talk, enough talking, enough with the poking around, it is nuff said, less talkie talkie, marlo enough said, not stock, she would said enough, that is enough chatter
and a walkie talkie so, and a walkie talkie to
hey less talkie talkie
use the walkie talkie, with a walkie talkie
like a complicated walkie talkie, like a walkie talkie, like walkie talkies
talkie it is too conspicuous, talkie
talkie so we, talkie to keep
talkie so, talkie to

English to English

('t/O/k/i/ )
noun (n)

a movie with synchronized speech and singing
film dengan disinkronisasi ucapan dan nyanyian
source: wordnet30

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