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berbakat, bertalenta, yang berbakat,

Other Mathes:
a tremendously gifted, a very talented colleague, a very talented
he is extremely talented, he is highly capable, he is really talented, he is so very talented, he is very gifted, he is very talented, he was extremely talented, he was truly gifted, he was very talented, she is a very talented, she is really talented, she is so talented, she is very talented, yeah he was truly gifted
a gifted, a talented less, a talented
a talented, are talented, gifted, talented guy, talented individual, talented
my you are very talented, you are many, you are really talented, you are so talented, you are too talented, you are very talented, you wield a fine sword
a tremendously talented, a truly talented specimen, a very talented, is a very talented, very very talented, was a brilliant
all the dancing talent, are the most ingenious, are the most talented, most gifted, most talented productive
a talented boy, a very talented boy, such talent, talented boy
you are a talented, you are talented, you are this talented, you show great talent
gifted and, have got talent and, talented and, talented colleague and, talented productive and
talented by, talented guy from, talented than
are a talented charming handsome, are this talented charming handsome, this talented charming handsome
are a talented charming, are this talented charming, this talented charming
are talented like, gifted like, talented as, talented like
beautiful the talented, gorgeous talented, the beautiful the talented

English to English

adjective (a)

endowed with talent or talents
diberkahi dengan bakat atau bakat
talentless, untalented
source: wordnet30
Furnished with talents; possessing skill or talent; mentally gifted.
dilengkapi dengan bakat; memiliki kemampuan atau bakat; mental berbakat.
source: webster1913

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