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bawa, mengambil, sanggup kena,

Other Mathes:
about mia, be takin mia, gonna be takin mia
of takin their, takin their, them bring, them hand, them they will move, they are carrying with them, they are carrying, they are takin, they bring them, they brought to play with, they carried, they dropped off, they have brought, they taking, they took along
i hear you are takin, i heard you are takin
oh you brought, you bring, you brought, you please bring, you take it, you takin the, you takin
takin mia out, takin mia
be takin mia wallace, gonna be takin mia wallace
we catch, we caught, we done caught us, we grabbed, we just catch, we was takin on, we was takin, we was taking on
hear you are takin, heard you are takin
at takin orders but not, takin orders but not
at takin orders but, takin orders but
at takin orders, have received order, have received orders, receive instructions, receive order, receive your order, receive your orders from, received a direct order, received an order, received orders, received the order, receives orders, receiving orders, regiment was ordered, take commands, take my orders, take orders, take our orders, take your orders, takes orders, takin orders, taking commands, taking orders, took orders
takin the sun in, takin the sun
of takin their wallets, takin their wallets
are takin the, you are takin the
are takin, you are takin

English to English

('t/@/rk/I/n )
noun (n)

large heavily built goat antelope of eastern Himalayan area
berat besar dibangun kambing antilop himalayan daerah timur
source: wordnet30

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