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ambik, cuma ambil, membutuhkan dan, memerlukan kebulatan, memerlukan waktu, mengambil barang bekas, mengambil cincin, mengambil masa, mengambil menangani, mengambil, waktu bertahun,

Other Mathes:
always takes a second for, by the time the, do some time, gonna need some time to, gonna take time to, had some time to, it may take time to, it takes some getting, it takes some time to, it takes time for, it takes time to, it took a while for, it will take time to, just need some time, just need time to, just needed some time, need a minute to, need some time to, need time for, need time to, need time wait for, needed some time to, needed time to, needs time to, take a while to, take us a while to, takes her to, takes time for, takes time to, want some time to, wants some time, will buy us time, will take a while for, will take some time to
in takes about a, it takes about, it takes him a, it takes time, it takes, it took five, it took me, it took
a hundred hours here, going to take time, is going to take time, it takes a long time, it takes forever, it takes longer, take ages
has taken me, hotel take, it took over, stalled long, takes about a, takes him a, takes its time, takes the time, taking time
it takes one to, it takes one, picked wrong, takes one to, takes one
of yours that takes, you that takes, you who takes, yours that takes
going to need five minutes, going to need minutes, going to need one, gonna need it in two, it takes a minute, it takes minutes, it took eight minutes, need five minutes alone, need minutes with
it only takes, it will only take a, just takes time, just takes, only takes, will need some time, will only take a
cook is a, it is gonna take time, it is taken me, it takes fucking, it takes time, it took me, that is gonna take him
discouraged when, it takes off, take a while
take that much, take the lot, take up much of, taken a lot, taken many, takes a lot of, takes many, takes much, takes up too much of, taking a lot of, took a lot of
befriendeth allah and, take allah and, take god and, takes allah and, takes allah for a, takes allah for, takes allah
a man who takes, anyone who stood in, for he who took, he who had, he who took, man who takes, man who took, me taking, men that take, ones who took, people are taking, people who take, people who took, someone take, the man is taking, the man who took, the one that takes, the one who picks, the one who takes, the people who took
going through a lot of, gonna have too many long, it takes a lot of, it takes a lot, it takes much
a man take, somebody take, somebody takes that, somebody takes, somebody took

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