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kena, mengambil, pemotong, pengambil, peserta,

Other Mathes:
taker of souls and it, taker of souls and
a careful account taker of, account of, careful account of, careful account taker of, count every, count of, count over, take account of, the reckoner of
a risk taker, the risk taker
somebody gets hit, they reel someone in, uh someone has, we got a taker
activist a risk taker
am i a life taker
alright a risk taker huh
a risk taker huh, took a big risk
could be a ticket taker
itself to be a taker
a test taker
taker of souls
pulling souls, stripped the souls, take on the spirit, take souls, taker of souls, the souls of, to grasp
account of all, careful account of all, careful account taker of all, count of all, the reckoner of all

English to English

('t/eI/k/@/r )
noun (n)

one who accepts an offer
satu yang menerima tawaran
source: wordnet30
one who takes a bet or wager
satu yang mengambil taruhan atau bertaruh
source: wordnet30
One who takes or receives; one who catches or apprehends.
satu yang mengambil atau menerima; seorang yang terkena atau apprehends.
source: webster1913

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