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kekudusan, kesucian,

Other Mathes:
holiness, is innocence, of chastity, of holiness, of purity, of sanctity, purity, sacredness, saintliness, sanctity of, sanctity
have violated the sanctity of, violated the sanctity of
you may keep your sanctity
under the sanctity of the
blaspheme his, depart from the truth regarding, sacrilege in, violate the sanctity of his
violate the sanctity of
may keep your sanctity
from the truth regarding, the sanctity of his
the sanctity of
outside marriage, outside the sanctity of marriage
he stays devoid of sanctity
you violated the sanctity of
holiness, saintliness, sanctity
purity you, your holiness, your sanctity
the sanctity of these walls

English to English

('s/&//N/kt/I/t/i/ )
noun (n)

the quality of being holy
kualitas yang suci
holiness, sanctitude
source: wordnet30
The state or quality of being sacred or holy; holiness; saintliness; moral purity; godliness.
negara atau kualiti menjadi suci atau suci; kesucian; kesucian; moral kemurnian; salih.
source: webster1913

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