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itu sammy, mau kopi sammy, sammy yang,

Other Mathes:
get sammy to hide food, hides the food, hiding food, sammy to hide food, stash food
i was just saying, i was only saying, l am just saying, l m just saying, not i get through telling, sammy no
all right sam, anything sam, is okay sam, is okay sammy
did sam, is sam, ls sam, okay sam, okay sammy, right sam, sam what do, what is it sam, what sam
exactly what we talked about, oh sammy jankis, what are we discussing
caroline come quickly, carollne come quickly, come on quickly, come quickly, sammy stay stay
to my old friend sammy
listen we all, listen we are all, listen we have all, look we all, look we are all, sammy i mean it
on supernatural sammy, on supernatural
good to see you, good to seeyou buddy, good to seeyou, it is good to seeyou, real pleasure to meet you, sammy pleasant
hi uncle, sammy uncle
my plans for you sammy, officer what street, the street what, the way of what, what is the route, what path, what road, what sort of route, what way, what what road, whatwhat road
am surprised at you sammy, you spare me

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