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berpecah belah, sally kau ingat victor,

Other Mathes:
sally forth tally h o, sally forth tally ho
i stay by your side, i will accompany you, i will go with you, i will keep you company, i will stick with you, sally i will walk you
i know but sally with
sally with everything going on
about the mix up, for everything that happened, for what happened, on everything that happened, sally with everything going, with everything that happened
everyone for all that, for anything that, for everything that, for everything, on everything that, sally with everything, with things that
and all creatures will appear, and everyone will be, and they sally forth, and they shall come forth, and they will emerge
sally does not count, she do not count
be marshalled forth before allah, come forth before allah, come forth standing before allah, creatures will appear before allah, emerge before god, sally forth unto god, will appear before god, will appear unto allah, will come out before allah
be marshalled forth before, come forth before, come forth standing before, creatures will appear before, emerge before, sally forth unto, will appear before, will appear unto, will be brought before, will come out before
come forth standing, come forth, creatures will appear, emerge, sally forth, will appear
why i like you, why i love you sally
all creatures will appear unto, everyone will be brought before, they sally forth unto, they shall come forth before, they will all appear before
all creatures will appear, all creatures will come out, everyone will be, they all creatures will appear, they sally forth, they shall come forth, they will all appear, they will emerge
let go for, let sally forth

English to English

('s/&/l/i/ )
noun (n)

witty remark
ujar jenaka
crack, quip, wisecrack
source: wordnet30
a military action in which besieged troops burst forth from their position
sebuah aksi militer di mana dikepung tentera meledak keluar dari posisi mereka
source: wordnet30
a venture off the beaten path
sebuah usaha off the path dipukuli
A sally into the wide world beyond his home.
source: wordnet30
A leaping forth; a darting; a spring.
satu melompat maju; sebuah melesat; musim semi.
source: webster1913

verb (v)

To leap or rush out; to burst forth; to issue suddenly; as a body of troops from a fortified place to attack besiegers; to make a sally.
untuk melompat atau buru; ulang meledak; untuk mengeluarkan tiba; sebagai sebuah badan pasukan dari sebuah tempat untuk menyerang besiegers dibentengi; untuk membuat sally.
source: webster1913

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