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bagian penjualan, jualan yang, jualan, juga jualan yang, juga jualan, kartu yang, obral, penjualan mulai sekarang, penjualan yang, penjualan, penjualannya,

Other Mathes:
a sale at, of sales at, sales in
a sale, a sales, of sale
a sales and marketing, in sales, sales and marketing
pharmaceutical sales pharmaceutical sales, pharmaceutical sales
are the sales manager, manager of sales, regional sales manager
his sales, honor terms towards his sale, of sale, on its sales, the sale is, the sale, the sales are, the turf
a salesman, a traveling salesman, career in sales, sales department, sales guy
is a sales call, is a sales pitch
sales administration, sales and administration
ad sales this is, ad sales this
a sales and, sales and
of sales, sales
chamber of commerce, commerce guilds, du trade, merchant, of commerce, sales call, sales pitch, trade federations, trade routes, trade, trademark
in sales and about to, in sales and about
and sale of, and sale, and sales, and selling, and the sell

English to English

(s/eI/lz )
noun (n)

income (at invoice values) received for goods and services over some given period of time
pendapatan (faktur di nilai) untuk menerima barang dan perkhidmatan atas beberapa diberikan periode waktu
source: wordnet30

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