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aman, berhati hati di, dengan aman, dengan selamat karena rls, dengan selamat, secara selamat, selamat sampai di tujuan,

Other Mathes:
a safe return, are back safe, are back safely, back allright, back in the safety of
all home safe, back home safely, back safe
bring them safely to, brings them safe to the, brings them safe to, brings them safely back to, brings them safely to, delivered them safely to, delivers them safely to, delivers them to the, delivers them to
bring them safely, brings them safe, brings them safely back, brings them safely, delivered them safely, delivers them safely, delivers them
he brings them safe, he brings them safely back, he brings them safely
home safely, safely and soundly, safely, to us safely, with peace
em up over, them coming up to, them get on, them safe to the, them safe to, them safely back to, them safely on the, them safely on, them safely to, them up into, they boarded
and safe, in safety, it clean, out safely, peacefully, safely over, safely
you on the land, you safely to land, you safely to the land
have you back safely sir, you a safe return, you are back safe, you are back safely, you back safely sir
get off safely, got out safely, out safely
back safely, back to you safely, return safely, travel home safe
end up in the spaghetti, have landed safely, landed safely
bring them safely to land, delivered them safely to land, delivers them safely to land, delivers them to land behold, delivers them to the land
them safe to the land, them safely back to shore, them safely on the land

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adverb (r)

with safety; in a safe manner
dengan keselamatan; dalam cara yang aman
We are safely out of there.
source: wordnet30
In a safe manner; danger, injury, loss, or evil consequences.
dalam cara yang aman; bahaya, cedera, kerugian, atau jahat konsekuensi.
source: webster1913

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