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masih, puing kapal, puing kapalnya, tersisa, tetap dengan nama, tetap, yg hidup,

Other Mathes:
by with a little less, culls, leavings, lingering, offal, remains of, remnant of, remnant, remnants of the, remnants of, remnants
does it fit properly, help anything get better, is still the same, remain the same, remained the same, remains just, remains the same, remains unchanged, samey same, stay the same, stayed the same
remaineth in the earth, remains in the earth, remains in the ground
are staying at, ensign yet is crimson in, everyone remain in, everyone to remain in, remaineth in, remains at, remains behind, remains on, stay in that, stay in, stay on in
in still the, keep that, keep the, kept that, remains an, remains that, remains who is, tied for
all that remains is, remaining is, that is left is, that is left now is, that remains is, that remains now is, that was left was, the only one left is, you have left are
all that remain of, is left of the, is left of, left on my, that is left of, that remains in, that remains of, was left of, what is left of, what remains after
are remnants of the, are the remains of, are the remnants of
remains accountable to the end, remains accountable until the end
remains accountable to, remains accountable until
what remains in memory will, what remains in memory
what ever remains, whatever remains
same here the current remains, the current remains
pray that that sword remains, praying that that sword remain, praying that that sword remains
black was and remains to, black was and remains

English to English

(r/i/'m/eI/nz )
noun (n)

any object that is left unused or still extant
setiap benda yang tersisa tidak terpakai atau masih cokol
I threw out the remains of my dinner.
source: wordnet30
the dead body of a human being
mayat manusia
cadaver, clay, corpse, stiff
source: wordnet30

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