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baharu lagi, baru baru ini, baru baru ni, baru baru, baru ini, baru lagi, baru ni, buat baru baru ini, dipecat baru ini, hmm baru baru ini, kebelakangan ini, kebelakangan, recentiy, tempoh hari, ya baru baru ini, yang baru baru ini,

Other Mathes:
and very recently i, have it i recently, i recently may, it recently i, just recently i, more recently i have, not long ago i, recently i, until recently i was, would have it i recently
a recently, has recently, have recently, just recently, quite recently, recent, recently a, recently, was recently
all recent, had recently, recently that have
have recently discovered, recently discovered, recently found, recently unearthed a, was discovered only recently
i recently, more recently i have, more recently i, only now i, recently i, so recently i
i am recently, i have recently, i just happen to, i just happen, i recently, recently just
he is only recently, he recently, him lately, him recently, is she recently
now you recently, recently you, that you recently
recently my mom is, recently my mom wants to, recently my mom wants
had recently lost, have recently lost, recently lost
recently i was, recently i, recently though i have
just recently, new to this, recently that, recently, these new, this brand new, this fresh meat, this new, two sets of prints
and i just recently, and now you have recently, and recent, and recently
it just recently, that recently, were recently
and lately, anything these, have lately been, lately however, lately, lot recently, more recently it, recent months, recent weeks, recently, these days

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('r/i/c/@/ntl/i/ )
adverb (r)

in the recent past
terbaru di masa lalu
He was in Paris recently.
source: wordnet30
Newly; lately; freshly; not long since; as, advices recently received.
baru; belakangan ini; yang baru; belum lama sejak; sebagai, aku baru saja advices/ aku menerima.
source: webster1913

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