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cepat, dengan cepat, secara cepat,

Other Mathes:
moving rapidly slicing through to, moving rapidly slicing through
word spread rapidly that the, word spread rapidly that
grow up so fast, just evolve very rapidly, just grow up so fast
can change quickly, change quickly, change that quickly, changing fast, changing quickly, changing rapidly, is changing rapidly, were changing quickly
quick on the, quick on, quickly for in, quickly in, quickly inside, rapidly within the, rapidly within
rapidly slicing through to, rapidly slicing through
rapidly that the, rapidly that
are rapidly losing ground against, rapidly losing ground against
are rapidly losing ground, rapidly losing ground
are rapidly losing, rapidly losing
much more rapidly within the, much more rapidly within
faster in, more rapidly within the, more rapidly within
are closing fast, are closing in quick, closing fast, closing in fast, closing rapidly, fast approaching, is closing in fast, it is closing rapidly
a rapid descent, declines quickly, dropping rapidly, is dropping rapidly, it is going down fast
gets around fast, spread so quickly, spreading fast, spreading rapidly, spreads fast, spreads rapidly, travels fast

English to English

adverb (r)

with rapid movements
dengan gerakan cepat
source: wordnet30
In a rapid manner.
masuk dengan cara.
source: webster1913

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