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dendam, kebencian,

Other Mathes:
and aggression and consuming, and aggression and the devouring, and oppression and to devour, and rancour and their eating, and transgression and devour, and transgression and devouring, and transgression and practice
and enmity and, and for exceeding limits and, and hostility and, and oppression and to, and oppression and, and rancour and their, and transgression and, and wickedness and
out of animosity and, that in rancour and
out of animosity, that in rancour
in rancour and
sin and enmity and in, sin and enmity and, sin and hostility and their, sin and oppression and to, sin and oppression and, sin and rancour and their, sin and transgression and their, sin and transgression and, sin hostility and in, sin hostility and
rancour every time someone
rancour every time
hate any, hated every, hates any, rancour every, resents every
rancour and
give us root access, go beyond the limits, in breaking into, invade, on transgressing, rancour, to aggression, to transgress, transgressing
aggression and consuming, aggression and the devouring of, aggression and the devouring, hostility and in taking, oppression and to devour, rancour and their eating, transgression and devour, transgression and devouring, transgression and practice, wickedness and devour

English to English

('r/&//N/k/@/r )
noun (n)

a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will
perasaan dari dalam dan kemarahan dan ill will pahit
source: wordnet30

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