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amuk, kehonaran, mengamuk, mengganas,

Other Mathes:
a rampage, all messed, amok, berserk, busting caps, go berserk, having a tantrum, is puffed up, lose my temper, on a rampage, rages, raging, rampage, riled up, takes shape, the rampage, went berserk, will be bad
he is all messed, he is pissed, he is rampaging, he went berserk, he went on a rampage, on the rampage, she is on a rampage
freaked out and, fuel his rage and, go crazy and, go on a rampage and, just go crazy and, on the rampage and, went berserk and
a rampage across time and, rampage across time and
a rampage across time, rampage across time
a rampage across, rampage across
is furious, is on a rampage, on the rampage
gone bluhnicaccasl, gonna freak out, gonna freak, gonna go berserk, is gonna rain, will go on a rampage, will have a cow, will just snap
ramp, rampage, to run amok
a rampage of drunken anarchy
a raging, a rampage, rage what about you
were animals on a rampage
on a rampage
and rampage was
and rampage

English to English

(r/&/m'p/eI//dZ/ )
noun (n)

violently angry and destructive behavior
marah dan merusak tingkah laku keras
source: wordnet30
Violent or riotous behavior; a state of excitement, passion, or debauchery; as, to be on the rampage.
atau riotous perilaku kekerasan; keadaan gembira, gairah, atau kejangkaan; sebagai, to be on the aku mengamuk/ aku.
source: webster1913

verb (v)

act violently, recklessly, or destructively
bertindak keras, recklessly, atau destructively
source: wordnet30
To leap or prance about, as an animal; to be violent; to rage.
untuk melompat atau lompatan tentang, seperti binatang; untuk kekerasan; dengan kemarahan.
source: webster1913

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