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Hasil Carian: raging

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amukan, berkecamuk, mengamuk, pengamukan,

Other Mathes:
a raging, a rampage, rage what about you, rage what about, rage, raging, tantrums, the raging, uncontrolled raging
a raging, all riled up, on the rampage, raging, rampageous, the advance, their raging
a raging shit storm, raging shit storm
a fierce wind on, a furious wind in, a furious wind through, a raging wind in, a raging wind over, a screaming wind during, a screaming wind for
brain a raging fever that, brain raging fever and
brain a raging fever, brain raging fever
swollen brain a raging fever, swollen brain raging fever
raging fever and make you, raging fever that made you
raging fever and, raging fever that
there is a war raging
is a raging infection
were raging monsters
was a raging alcoholic

English to English

adjective satellite (s)

characterized by violent and forceful activity or movement; very intense
ditandai oleh pergerakan atau aktiviti kekerasan dan keren; sangat intens
A raging battle.
The river became a raging torrent.
source: wordnet30
very severe
sangat parah
A raging thirst.
A raging toothache.
source: wordnet30
(of the elements) as if showing violent anger
(dari elemen) seakan menunjukkan kemarahan kekerasan
The raging sea.
source: wordnet30

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