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aku dengan cepat, cepat botol, cepat dalam, cepat kau perlu, cepat laa, cepat saja, cepat tutup dia, cepat, cepatlah oke, cepatlah sebelum, cepatnya makluk, dengan cepat, dg cepat, dgn cepat, drover tolong mereka, na hey, pekerjaan lebih cepat, quickiy,

Other Mathes:
gotta move on then, gotta move quick, had to move fast, have got to act fast, have got to move fast, have got to move quickly, have gotta move fast, have gotta move, have to move fast, have to move quickly, have to move very quickly
we gotta move on, we gotta move quick, we have gotta move fast, we have gotta move, we have to move fast, we have to move quickly, we must act quickly, we must ieave quickly quickly, we must leave quickly quickly, we must move quickly, we must move swiftly
act quickly, move fast enough, move fast, move quick, move quickly though, move quickly, move very quickly, moving fast, roll come, work quickly for, work quickly
go go get out there, hurry get in, hurry up get in, let find ourselves, let hurry up inside, move this line quickly, quick come in, quick get in, quick in, quickly come in, quickly get in
are changing fast, can change quickly, change quickly
quick come on both chuckle, quick come on, quick guys go, quick let go, quick let, quickly come on, quickly come, quickly let, quickly now come on, shit rlggs hurry up, up quickly come on
are quickly becoming, became quickly, early to be, fast becoming, fast turning to, hurry up and become, quickly became, quickly becomes, quickly becoming
climb into, come on up you get, get your ass back on, go get on, go up quickly, go upstairs quickly, hop off hop off, hurry up get up there, just hop on
are quickly, this asap, this fast, this in bulk, this is fast, this is quickly, this quick, this quickly, this really quickly, this thing quickly
around so fast, back quickly, came back quickly
die as soon as, die so soon, ground as quickly as, ground as quickly, in the ground as quickly
a speedy recovery, heal fairly quickly, heal quickly
here let get out, here move it, here now move move, here now out, here quick, here quickly, here sir go sir go, here so quickly, human intruder, me on the first flight, over quickly
will be brief, will be fast, will be over quick, will be pretty soon, will be quick, will be quickly, will fast forward, will go fast, will go ricocheting, will instantaneously, will make quick
been working fast, medical how can, to work quickly, work quickly, worked quickly

English to English

('kw/I/kl/i/ )
adverb (r)

with rapid movements
dengan gerakan cepat
He works quickly.
source: wordnet30
with little or no delay
dengan sedikit atau tidak ada penundaan
promptly, quick
source: wordnet30
without taking pains
tanpa mengambil teliti
source: wordnet30
Speedily; with haste or celerity; soon; without delay; quick.
segera; dengan cepat atau kecepatan; segera; tanpa penundaan; cepat.
source: webster1913

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