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cepat pula, cepat, lebih cepat silakan, lebih cepat, pitam lebih,

Other Mathes:
are going faster, be much faster, can dig a lot quicker, far from fucking blood, gets faster
and the sooner, are getting quicker, are the faster
be a lot faster, it any faster, it is faster, it is much quicker, it is quicker, it was faster, it would be faster
a iot faster, a lot faster, a lot quicker, a lot sooner, come much faster
be faster if, be quicker if, faster if
a faster, a quicker, is faster
will be much quicker, will go a lot faster, would be a lot quicker, would be a lot sooner, would be faster, would be so much faster
be quicker and, going faster and, gonna go faster and, will be quicker and
will be faster, will be quicker, would be much quicker
it is moving faster, move any faster, move faster guys faster, move faster, move it faster, move quicker than, move quicker, moved faster, moves faster, moving faster, to move faster
quicker this is quicker really
quicker this is quicker
came kind of early, come earlier, come faster, come over immediately, come sooner, comes quicker, coming faster, get here faster, got here early, gotten here sooner, have come earlier
quicker blower upper baby, the quicker blower upper baby
gonna want to move faster, gotta move quicker than, have to travel faster

English to English

adverb (r)

more quickly
lebih cepat
source: wordnet30

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